IRS Telephone Scams


For Immediate Release
October 6, 2016

October 17–23, 2016 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week. And soon after it’s Halloween, time for a little fun and fright.

But you should always beware of predators trying to steal your life savings!

Tech-savvy criminals posing as Internal Revenue Service officers are trying to bilk unsuspecting Americans again, and they are become more sophisticated and convincing.

Yesterday my office received a text message allegedly from the IRS at a Washington D.C. area phone number. The text message stated:

“WARNING:(Criminal Investigation Division) I.R.S. is filing lawsuit against you, for more information call on +1-703-659-xxxx on urgent basis, Otherwise your arrest warrant will be forwarded to your local police department and your property and bank accounts and social benefits will be frozen by government.” (Phone number changed.)

That was another Washington D.C. area phone number. Twenty minutes later I received a call from that number. And later I received another phone call from the number.

Although the phone numbers appear to originate in the U.S., these calls are often made from foreign countries.

Recently, call centers in India posing as the IRS were raided and hundreds were detained for questioning.

It is believed that unsuspecting Americans may be bilked out of out of millions each year by such scams.

IRS Special Edition Tax Tip 2013-13 has more information about IRS telephone scams.

Don’t be fooled by these predators!

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