Probate/Trust Administration

Administration of an estate can be very stressful, but I am ready to help.

A death in the family is difficult enough to handle by itself, and legal matters in such circumstances can be overwhelming. In addition, I recognize that the death of a loved one can prompt some very difficult family dynamics.


Administration of the estate can take several different forms*, depending on whether there is a will and/or a trust and on the size of the estate.

The process can be informal and simple, or formal and complex; in the latter situation, that means court supervision and the filing of a significant number of court documents. Invariably, though, estate administration involves the:

  • Location, marshalling, and valuation of estate assets;
  • Discovery and analysis of significant documents;
  • Preparation of inventories;
  • Analysis of options;
  • Transfer of assets; and
  • Preparation of tax returns and associated documents.

I can assist you with probate and estate and trust administration. I will help you properly administer the estate or trust, or supervise the conduct of others charged with that responsibility.

During this sad time, let my experience support you and your family.

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* Probate is an established procedure with a court supervising the collection and distribution of property owned by a decedent. Trust administration, on the other hand, is the ongoing process for the settling of the interests described within the trust agreement.  They are different in several respects, notably that in probate there is a definite beginning and a definite end.   With trust administration, the process may, and usually does, extend over a longer period of time and incorporates other legal principals and issues.”